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About us

Ideenkultivierung is an interdisciplinary studio that bridges high-end-visualization and software development.

Our vision is to break down traditional workflows and put creativity and control back into the hands of designers, engineers and marketing experts.

With this goal in mind, we support international clients from small-sized businesses to large corporations, NGOs and public institutions to transform their ideas into reality.

Socialized in the automotive industry, with passion for design, software development and immersive experiences we founded Ideenkultivierung in 2022. Based in Bavaria, Germany.

Publications, Talks & Presentations

2023 Alias Days: "Shaderpipelines in Autodesk VRED"

2021 VRED Panel Discussion: "Innovation Experts"

2021 Webcast: "Linear Workflow in Autodesk VRED using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects"

2020 Webcast: "Efficient Plugin-Development in Autodesk VRED with Visual Studio Code"

Recent trainings

Introduction to Autodesk VRED - Fundamental Principles of Automotive Rendering

Learn from the Experts: Real-Time-Visualization (OpenGL) in VRED

Autodesk VRED: Core Fundamentals

Autodesk VRED: Python Scripting

Autodesk VRED: Linear Workflow using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects

Innovation Room 2021 - VRED

Autodesk VRED: Python Scripting for Virtual Reality

Unity: Animating 2D-Stories in Augmented Reality

Unreal Engine: Fundamental to Advanced Techniques for Product Visualization


Ideenkultivierung GmbH
Vordorfer Straße 20
95709 Tröstau
Bavaria, Germany