we bring your stories and products to life.

By bridging the gap between high-end-visualization, software development, user-training and research.

we are an interdisciplinary design studio.

With experts in design, visualization and software development.

visualizing your ideas

High-End-Visualization and concepts for your products, experiences, stories, data and more.

developing smart workflows

Automate your creative processes from prototyping to visualization, immersive experiences and beyond.

Training for your team

Make change sustainable by training your organization and keeping up with the latest technologies.

Exploring your visions

Establish new insights in your design and development workflows.


What we have created with our clients.

Clients & Partners


[iˈdeːən] [kʊltiˈviːʁʊŋ]

Kultivieren is a german word and means to take care of something and refine it and raise it to a higher level. It's also related to the word culture and cult, like in a cult-movie or cult-design-object. At Ideenkultivierung we strive to take care of you and your ideas and realize their full potential.


  • Design concepts
  • Storyboards
  • Consulting
  • Strategy


  • Real-Time-Visualization
  • Product Configurators
  • 3D Rendering
  • Cartography
  • Animation
  • WebGL


  • Poly- & Nurbs-Modeling
  • Software Prototypes
  • Click-Dummies
  • Ergonomy
  • UX & UI


  • Computer Generated Imagery
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Design Validation
  • User Training

„Technologies are constantly evolving, but workflows and methods do not always exploit their full potential. We would like to change that.“

Christopher Gebhardt
Software Concepts & Development at Ideenkultivierung

what we ♥ to do for you.

Design Concepts
High-End Visualization
Immersive Experiences
Motion Design
Software Plugins
Custom Workflows
VRED Development
Python Development
Training for your Team
On-site Training
Training on the Job
Web Development